How to market a new product

Any marketing director will admit that creating excitement about a new product can be a real challenge. With a mountain of competition and an already over saturated market, creating buzz that will get those products sold is nearly impossible without a marketing tool proven to work.

There are, admittedly, thousands of ways to approach a new campaign. From traditional media such as television, radio, and newspaper to somewhat unorthodox marketing tools such as a prize wheel, there is no shortage of viable options. The problem most may face, however, is getting the word out without a stockpile of cash.

how to market your product

Of course, there are a few relatively inexpensive marketing tools that have proven time and again to have an overwhelming Return on Investment (ROA). Something as simple as a spin wheel can, in many instances, be just the ticket to a powerful advertising campaign that will increase sales, build trust in customers, and even make one's company a household name.

Before breaking out that prize wheel, however, a few tips are in order:

1. Develop a "plan of attack". Like an army going into battle, any business needs to know where their efforts will be best spent. Rather than attacking a well defended fort, it may be more effective to simply destroy bridges and communication lines. Try to determine the target market that will be most inclined to purchase the product or service.

2. Purchase an American-made prize wheel. Though purchasing products made overseas has become an acceptable practice in modern society, purchasing one's marketing tools in the great US of A will show prospective customers that one's business does its best to ensure the greatest quality. Finding a promotional spin wheel that has been made entirely in the US can be a challenge but, with a search engine and a little creativity, there's no doubt that the right spin wheel will reveal itself.

3. Shop around for local events such as fairs and carnivals. These events can be incredibly effective at drawing in prospective customers hoping to have a little fun. Setting up a booth and proudly proclaiming "Spin the wheel for a chance to win" might just provide the boost in sales the company needs.

4. Be creative. These amazing wheels are effective partly because of their versatility. Like any great tool, it's useless in the hands of an unimaginative, lazy marketing professional. Taking a few friends or coworkers and holding a short brainstorming session will likely produce dozens, if not hundreds, of good ideas.

How to market a new product


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